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starjargon's Journal

18 February
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Mostly write Doctor Who fanfiction on this site, and so far the majority of what I've uploaded here is canon- compliant. My OTP is River/ Doctor, my favourite companion is Rory, and almost everything I write will revolve around the Ponds or the Doctor in a family- setting. My "Doctor" is THE Doctor, though Eccleston introduced me and Tennant mended my broken heart, so I do have a fondness for them, but have liked every Doctor I've seen so far, even if it took a little while to warm up to them (ironically, 11 took me awhile, even though most of my stories are now centered in his era, and I'm working through a few issues with 2 still). BIPping...

All stories are Teen- friendly, if not child- friendly. I love feedback, discussion, and prompts (though those may take a little patience until inspiration strikes just right). I also tend to BIP (Babble in Print) when responding or conversing, so I apologize for this inevitability in advance (though, if you'd like to start up a conversation, we can certainly BIP together).

I number Doctors as 8, War, 9, 10 when they need numbering and don't know how to make different icons, so I'm sticking with the one I have.

I tend to upload my stories to this site last, so if you're interested in getting updates sooner, or if you'd like to read more of my TimeBaby AU series or other fandoms, here are my other site links.