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At Close of Day

Originally posted by navaan at "At Close of Day" for Arien
Title: At Close of Day
Author: Starjargon
Recipient: Arien
Relationship(s): Ninth Doctor/Martha Jones, Tenth Doctor/Amy Pond, Eleventh Doctor & Amy Pond, Eleventh Doctor/River Song, The Doctor/River Song, Twelfth Doctor/River Song
Rating: Not Rated
Word count: 4318
Warnings: none
Summary: An interesting girl, a bit of flirting, and a mysterious bright light that keeps calling to the Doctor. What more could he want? Unless it's all so, so wrong.

At Close of Day

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Not Exactly the... DIAMOND Anniversary

Relationship(s): Eleventh Doctor/River Song
Rating: T
Word count: 1,978
Warnings: Strong T for implications and misunderstandings
Summary: The Doctor and River exchange anniversary gifts. The Doctor misunderstands, much to the chagrin of the Ponds... and the delight of River Song. Strong T for the implications of the gifts and the results of the misunderstanding.

One thing the Doctor liked more than anything else was dressing up

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You'd be Like Heaven to Touch

Relationship(s): Tenth Doctor/River Song
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 2431
Warnings: None
Summary: In which the Doctor keeps trying to peek in River's diary, they flirt, and absolutely no plot happens whatsoever. G or T- whatever you'd rate the show.

He hadn't meant to land on Gassspar VII, wellll, he'd meant to land there, of course, but in a different year. Welll, different millennium, really.

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Originally posted by navaan at "Memento Mori sed Memento Vivere" for Clocketpatch
Title: Memento Mori sed Memento Vivere
Author: Starjargon
Recipient: Clocketpatch
Relationship(s): Clara Oswald & Ian Chesterton
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 3020
Warnings: Major Character Death
Summary: Clara finally deals with the events of Dark Water/Death in Heaven with the help of someone else who'd learned long ago how to move forward and let go. Spoilers for Series 8 finale. Intense theme, but general audience content.

Memento Mori sed Memento Vivere

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Standing Still (Doing Time Remix)

Rating: K
Characters/Relationships: The TARDIS; 3rd Doctor & Bessie
Word Count: 200
Summary: The Doctor wasn't the only one banished to Earth.
A double drabble remix for the DW Remix community: another astrogirl2 story called "DOING TIME. Because I couldn't just do one, in the end.
Please Review.

She will, could, did- is.

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Eye of the Beholder (Survivor Remix)

Rating: K+
Characters/Relationships: 1st Doctor & Susan Foreman; War Doctor; 9th Doctor & TARDIS; Brigadier; 10th Doctor; Sarah Jane
Word Count: 997
Summary:The Doctor was once just the man who ran away from home to see the universe. But he's become so much more than that since the War.
Written for dw-remix. A combined remix of Atrogirl's stories: Home Is the Place That's There for You to Leave, Survivor, Veteran, and The Weather in Your Eyes, because all were so amazing it was too hard to just choose one. Thank you to morganfm for the beta.

His young eyes survey this unchosen birthplanet as he prepares to run away, weary of the rules and regulations, disillusioned with neglected power of his people. The stars themselves now summon, beckoning him away from this prison he'd once called home. And when Susan asks where they and his quite old new ship shall go, he replies anywhere, meaning everywhere, giddy with the possibilities.

Perhaps, he hopes,

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Second to None

Author: starjargon
Title: Second to None
Rating: K
Word Count: 1035
Claim: Tenth Doctor Era- Mickey Smith/Martha Jones, Jack Harkness/ 3 Prompts: Tropes
Prompt: First Time
Summary: This is the story of Mickey Smith and Martha Jones, and how they fell in love

The first time Jack tells Mickey he thought he'd finally gotten rid of him, Martha smiles and asks, "Ah, jealous again Captain Harkness?"

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Two Bodies, A Single Soul

Rating: Strong T for advances and discussion
Summary: River wants the Doctor but he dismisses her advances. If only he could explain to her why. T for the advances and the discussion that follows.
Warnings/Notes: Written for dw_allsorts community.  Prompt was Tropes: Tentacles

River was extraordinarily young this time around.

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44) Greatest Hospital in the Universe

Rating: K
Summary: Mothers always knows just how to make you feel well when you're sick. And River's mother is no different.
Disclaimer: The Doctor and all other characters mentioned do not belong to me. No profit made from this work, no infringement intended.
Notes: I wanted to do a sick!fic but not the normal little Melody, little Amy or Rory kind. So I did a timey-wimey one instead. Hope you liked it! Reviews most welcome.

"Let's go visit River," blurted out Amy suddenly.

"River? River River?" spluttered the Doctor, clearing his throat and missing a lever as he tried to nonchalantly lean against the console.

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43) See Me

Rating: K
The 12th Doctor goes to his Ponds when he leaves Clara to choose his new outfit.
Notes: Fair warning, the pain meds are still muddling things on my part, but I think this makes sense, or I hope it does, though I probably should've sent it to be beta'd at the end, but I wanted to get it out before the new episode aired, so there probably are mistakes and things that make no sense, because it takes me thrice as long to concentrate & write at the moment, & it's really hard, but I'll fix it when I'm clearer-headed if it needs it...

Anyway, this is my response to Deep Breath, so SPOILER WARNING if you've yet to see it from here on out.

What made absolutely no sense to me the entire episode of Capaldi's debut (he's amazing, by the way), is that Clara is the one companion out of all of them who had no right to be affected by a new Doctor's face, because she's seen them all, & at the very least 3 that she absolutely remembers. So, she, in my opinion, shouldn't have needed the big adjustment period & especially that phone call from the previous Doctor, which no other companion ever got who hadn't seen multiple forms of him already, that undermined the rest of the "accept me as the Doctor" episode. Amendment to this: I understand the whole "companion is the audience" sentimentality, I just think in this case, Clara should've been the one convincing the Paternoster Gang he was still the same man, using their own lives as parallels, as opposed to them needing to convince her. That said, it's done, whatever, moving on.
Here's a bit of Pond/12 fluff, where he chooses his new outfit. Yes, I know he said goodbye to Amy in Time of the Doctor, but just enjoy the story. Parts of the end dialogue are purposely left speaker-less, because I believe it doesn't matter who says it, they all would or could & you could choose. And again, ignore the medicated rambling of the author, & enjoy. Ooh, and review, if you'd like.

The TARDIS landed noisily as she always did, right into River's back garden.

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